Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Reading The Mysterious Island, Day 3

They are trying to figure out their latitude and longitude and it is being very confusing.. They are also on a walk trying to find the best place for their observation before noon. They are trying to colonize instead of thinking of it as being stranded. They are talking so much about figuring where they are on the map that I don't have much to tell you. Maybe there will be more tomorrow.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Reading The Mysterious Island, Day 2

Captain Harding is alive and well now. They have named the island Lincoln Island. They are getting more skilled in areas like hunting. They have climbed a volcano and confirmed that it is an island. The captain said that he would make a couple bows and arrows. They made a raft to carry wood to the house. They also selected a better site for a house.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Reading The Mysterious Island, Day 1

I am reading The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne.
It begins during the civil war when five men and one dog escape from a POW camp in Richmond Virginia. They land on a mysterious island in a hot air balloon. Uninhabited by man. Already they have lost their captain, Cyrus Harding, and a dog named Top. The captain's servant Neb is greatly disappointed. They had to use their last match to start a fire. So they are trying to keep the coals alive.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My wishes

I want to ride my Scotter. I wish that there was snow on the ground. But the snow would not interfer with all the things that one can do in the summer. Like rideing my scootter. I hope that in heaven we will be able to scooter and biuld snow houses and play with the animals. I hope that I can play outside today. I am looking forward to the day when my Heavanly Father comes back. I hope that I will do well in Bible Bowl. I hope that beth will not stop our game we are playing. I hope that sammy will be in heavan. I hope that cody will be able to come out.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The day I wish I was having

I wish that I could spend a day were I went outside and it would be sunny and warm be there was snow on the ground that did not melt. and it was perfecet for anything;snow balls, snow forts, snowmen, sleding, skieing,and snow angels. It would also be neat to have a feild that had a layer of ice on it so that we can make windowes out of it. and when I got tiered of making houses I would have time to play millions of games. I wish that I would have bagel egg sandwiches with stripples for breackfast, Two inchaladas for lunch, and homemade pizza for supper. I would like to play video games while eating supper, and go to sleep about midnight.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The timer strikes again

I want to play out side as always. I want to play a game. Especially Settlers of Catan. I wonder when I will be done with school. I want it to snow. I wish that mother and father didn't have to perform a lot in the upcoming weeks. I wish that there was no school. I wish that everyone could play and not have to work. Then mother could read her book as much as she wanted. The squirrels are still here. I hope that we will select a day and completely clean and organize my room. I would like to sea a real penguin. I hope that Cody and I will be able to play a game of some sort. Two minutes to go. I have quite a few more classes today. I would like to play all day. I am hungry. I hope that I can play a settlers tournament.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

10 more minutes

I want to play Settlers of Catan the card game or the board game. I wish that I didn't have to type as much because there are so many things that I want to do. I wish that there was no school for that matter. Well I guess that I will be done soon because I am typing fast. We either have to type a certain amount or type for a certain amount of time. They both count like if time ran out and I didn't have a certain amount then I have to type more. Two more minutes. I hope that it will snow soon. I hope that time will run out soon. I am typing more than usual in this amount of time. I must be typing faster. Time is out. spater