Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Ah. We just came back from a wonderful trip to the beach. We a now at this point exhausted. In this post I will tell of the many things that we did at: Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Day One.
Ah it is morning now. Happy Sabbath by the way. On this day we played at the beach. It was to be the warmest of them all. It was the only day that the water was pleasant enough to wade in. It wasn't long until we all got hungry so we ate and took our bikes and road alone the board walk right next to the beach. By the time we did the full board walk it was dark.

Day two.
We went to the beach again but the water was to cold to wade in. So we flew kites and made sand sculptures until lunch. After that we went exploring and found this one beach that led out to the bay. In the water there were "Kite surfers". The Kite carried them across the water. After that we went to another beach where there was hardly any one. and we flew kites for the rest of the day.

Day three.
there isn't much to say about this day. We packed, flew kites and left. Well at least we made good time.

This was my trip to the beach. It was lots of fun.


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