Friday, October 29, 2004

Cloudy with a chance of showers. No wait. It is raining.

We have a plant in our fish tank that though it is growing bigger (it needs to be cut again) it is not touching the gravel on the bottom. The fish are finding it harder and harder to swim up. Later that might be a problem. Becase up is were the food comes from. we have two baby snails! one in the big tank and one in one of the little tanks (for the bettas).

The bearded one steped on soxes tail last night and she is all over us. In other cat news grace has been watching to much TV (as grace calls it. it is really the window. it is relley kind of a joke becase she can't open the blind to turn it on.) and she is going crazy.


Blogger Jeremy said...

sure it's just one snail?? I have not added any snails to my tank but I currently have hundreds of them in there. But then again the number one way to control baby snails is to add a goldfish to the tank. Guess you are covered in that area =) Glad your fish are doing well, they can be a pleasure to watch.


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