Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Riker Cat

My favorite cat is named Riker. She and our five other cats have a blog!

Here is a picture of Riker:

It is cloudy outside and it clearing as I type. It is 84 degrees feeling like 86.

Yesterday we held a couple of relay races with scooter and leg power in which I had the strangest experience. A friend of mine has a scooter which is like any other scooter except it was falling apart! Most handle bars are at roughly 85 degrees. His scooter handle bars were at 65 and the whole thing felt like it would fall apart! Luckily it was only one lap so I wasn't scared too long!

We also had a mini olympics! Including the summer sault race, long jump and a kickball competition!

So ends post two of my blog!


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