Thursday, September 30, 2004

Paper airplanes

Uncle Jeremy was at our house over the weekend and he got us into paper airplanes. So far I have memorized two different types. I am wanting to lean more. Uncle Jeremy left behind a couple websites dedicated to paper airplanes so I should be able to learn more.

Beth is making a model plane from scratch. She has ideas all over the whiteboard. This is totally from scratch using materials such as paper and card board.

I like chess. Recently I have been playing a computer chess game that teaches you how to get better. So, I have been looking for people to play against.

One of our fish died so we bought two new ones. Alice and Hugo are excited. It seems to be an occasion.


Here we go again!

It looks like there is a new type of sooet in the feeder. Uncle Jermy was at our house over the weekend. One of our fish died so we bough two new ones. We are geting into paper airplanes. 5 und a half minets left. Alice and Hugo are excited. Beth is making a modle plane from skrach. I like the card game Rage. I like chess. I like getting coments on my blog. One miunet! How is beth wrighting allof that. I love P.E. class. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.

Monday, September 20, 2004


there is a globe on my table. We have homework. It is P.E. day. I like chess. I had tea today. Beth and I are making a lego underwater lab. It is sunny. there is a scanner behind me. We have a fish that might be sick. Fish food is small. Mother is getting milk, crispix, birdblocks, Q-tips, and stickers. And proublebly magnets if she can find any. We are invited to a bithday party.65432d1!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

OK Here we go

Beth and I made a game called Master architect. In it you are basically building a city. The person with the most buildings at the end of the game (Which is decided at the beginning of the game such as building six buildings.) wins. So you are building buildings which go through a series of tests. Such as dropping something light on it and seeing how many pieces are left in there original position. Depending on what the results of the tests are you get cash. In the end it is a fun game which will entertain us for hours.

The cat was in the yard again. I really wish that it would not come. And there have been signs of it elsewhere. At the field beyond playground there was a clump of feathers which grossed me away.

It is not raining, maybe we will have P.E.! But I guess not, Beth is sick. So we will skip tennis today.

Hugo just swam over the ruin in our fish tank twice. It looks like he is getting used to the new ornament. But it is so big that they have no room to settle down at night. So I hope that we get a new one.

I just finished coloring my border sheet. It is of a stain glass window. In it there was a rainbow, a picture of Jesus holding his hand out to a raven, a Bible, and lots of hills.

I want some tea. Raspberry Zinger especially. It is a pity that Beth doesn't like tea. It would help her with her condition.

I can see 5 birds out the window. The mourning dove is looking very silly as it stands there on top of the bird feeder, looking down on the other birds. It looks jealous.

So my thoughts are made into a good form. Später!

Ack The stopwatch!!!!!!!

We made a game called Master arcatect. The cat was in the yard again. It is not raining, maby we will have P.E.. Hugo just swam over the ruin in our fish tank. I wish our growing rocks were going to get taller. I just finished coloring my border sheet. Beth is sick. I want to go outside.

Oh boy!

I want some tea. I can see 5 birds out the window. the tarp over the bikes flew off. I am getting hungery for some Hot dogs. Tiba is eating. looks like beth has typed more than me. O look Hugo just did it again. The mourning dove is looking very silly. We went to baja. I am shaking.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Principal Cuts In…

…with a lengthly disclaimer. See what he said here.

Bird fear

Sigh. If only cats didn't kill birds. A couple days ago my mother had seen feathers and blood on the ground. When I asked mother what had brought the bird population in our garden down she said it might be fear.

And what a dreary day for this to happen. Right now at our house we have thick cloud cover with drizzle. It is 70 degrees and feels like 70. If only it would be sunny more often.

If it does not dry up we won't have tennis class. Every other day I look forward to that very class and though we are getting into the swing of things at the beginning of the year we had it like once a week.

Oh dear. I just saw the trouble cat out the window. I love cats and have six. But this one is killing our birds as well as invading our yard! Cat please be gone.

We are learning German in school and später means later. So: Später!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Need to watch the cats

I feel so horrible now. Why you ask? I was going to close my sisters door when I herd a high pitched MEEEOOOOOooo. I was so startled that I let go of the door and when I looked down I saw cat paw! I pushed the door open and Riker was standing there. She took one look at me and ran. My sister had bin in her room which I had been entering and when she heard the cat scream she got up and ran to my side! Riker look back and saw us following her and ran into the bathroom. When ever we need to use the facilities she runs in with us and begs for pettings. So I thought that she had already forgiven us. But she hid behind the toilet! I reached back there she ducked for about a second, sniffed my hand and then realized that I was trying to pet her. After that she was all over us! She never looked liked she was in pain though I remember very clearly the paw caught in the door. This happening at around ten O'clock she is now all over the place.

I haven't found out yet what is keeping the birds. Maybe it is because all the babies have flown away. But it would not make that much of a dent would it? At least there are three on the fence.

Oh no. I am typing to much. Mother and father will probably be pleased but I am supposed to do another level on a spelling game. And it is probably almost time for music class! Oh but I have so much to talk about and by tomorrow I will have forgotten. Sigh. I guess this is how life goes.

Ragweed levels are very High. The sky is hazy. The temperatures is 77 feels like 80.

Just as I expected. I have got to go.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Bird watch

It has been and is very quiet today in our back yard. I am beginning to wonder where the birds are! There are usually are about twenty in line on the fence waiting to get food from our six bird feeders! There are no squirrels either! Everything is full. Buddy the dog next door is not barking. Is the cat that roams the neighborhood out there? Curiouser and curiouser. If we find out tomorrow I will tell you.

Today in P.E. class we were hitting a few volleys which is progress. Especially since we began two week ago! Half of the time we were hitting the ball over the net. And a quarter of the time we hit it back. The wall was terrible. I hit the ball and when it came back it was rolling not bouncing. I tried hitting it harder. I tried turning my racket. And just nothing would work! On top of all of this it was extremely hot. A shower was muchly needed afterward.

Now for the weather. It is fair And 90 degrees.

Have to go. Bye!

Friday, September 10, 2004

At last a sunny day.

Bright. Sunny. And warm!

It is such a beautiful day that I feel happy all over! As an added bonus today is "P.E. Day"!

I found out that mother has a Blog! So do My mother's garden and my father. A couple days ago we got a 4x8 White board! It can also be a magnet board! Now we all feel like we are getting serious about homeschooling.

(Bird Alert: There is a Goldfinch. We haven't seen one in several weeks. Two House finches!)
(Food Alert guacamole sandwiches!!!!! I am drooling!)

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Today I don't know what to talk about. Oh hey look there is my sister's 5 dollar bill. I guess I will describe it. Well it has lots of wrinkles and the picture of Lincoln is beginning to fade. 1 corner is bent and it will not stay flat. On the up side it is still usable and you can still read the numbers and letters easily. It is not one of those new ones that has color. The date is 2001. And well that is about all.
Um at the library I found some books that I had loved when we lived down in Georgia. The "Commander Toad" series.
Man I am just empty. Well It is cloudy with T-storms on the way. It is 75 degrees and it feels like 77.
Hopefully My brain will be more full tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Blogging with Tiba

Tiba was being a pain yesterday when I was blogging. It all started out fine until she came. Oh, of course I was happy to have her on my lap for she hardly ever comes to me. But it so turned into a disaster.(And to those who are thinking about getting a cat there are too many ups about getting one to not get one.) first of all she was lying across my arm which made it harder for me to type. Second of all I am not used to cats lying on my lap up next to my tummy like that and I had the heat of the laptop so by the end of the post I was nearly panting! Lastly she was sitting on the touch pad button so when I went up it would be highlighting!

On other adventures a friend and I have a Phase 10 game going. We had to go in so tomorrow hopefully we will finish the game. We are going to do the last phase with the score 45 to 30 so it will all come down to the last phase.

Light rain with T-showers on the way. And, it is 75 degrees.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

So much!!!!!!! So fast!!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend this year every thing is going so fast! So little to do so much time. Srike that. Reverse it. School is going smoothly this year. We just started spelling class but social studies hasn't arrived yet.
We are expecting a huge white board today and it will help us on lecture classes.

it is cloudy with rain coming any minute and it is 73 degrees.

Yesterday I started catching footballs in bigger numbers. And I got to ride the roller blades. and rode my scooter for ages.

I have got the ruler of the house on my lap.

Posting tomorrow.

Friday, September 03, 2004


There is a Downy woodpecker at our bird feeder today! Hopefully he will become a frequent visitor!

We are going to go bikeing tomorrow which we haven't done in a while!:)

In science class we are learning about comparing and contrasting.

It is partly cloudy and 86 degrees.

I caught a curve ball and 5 other balls yesterday! I also won the long and high jump competitions!

I am sorry if it looks very bare bones but I am kind of out of ideas today.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Border sheet

This is my border sheet for this week. To see it better please click on it. We forgot to do a few classes yesterday and I am for doing extra today! But I am kind of running behind.