Friday, September 10, 2004

At last a sunny day.

Bright. Sunny. And warm!

It is such a beautiful day that I feel happy all over! As an added bonus today is "P.E. Day"!

I found out that mother has a Blog! So do My mother's garden and my father. A couple days ago we got a 4x8 White board! It can also be a magnet board! Now we all feel like we are getting serious about homeschooling.

(Bird Alert: There is a Goldfinch. We haven't seen one in several weeks. Two House finches!)
(Food Alert guacamole sandwiches!!!!! I am drooling!)


Blogger Ellen said...

Sunshine has a way of refilling our brains. I just got a white board too, though not nearly as big as yours. I'll be using it for teaching children's choir and music lessons. You might write about what kinds of interesting things get written on the board--maybe "a board's life"?

10:31 AM  

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