Monday, September 13, 2004

Bird watch

It has been and is very quiet today in our back yard. I am beginning to wonder where the birds are! There are usually are about twenty in line on the fence waiting to get food from our six bird feeders! There are no squirrels either! Everything is full. Buddy the dog next door is not barking. Is the cat that roams the neighborhood out there? Curiouser and curiouser. If we find out tomorrow I will tell you.

Today in P.E. class we were hitting a few volleys which is progress. Especially since we began two week ago! Half of the time we were hitting the ball over the net. And a quarter of the time we hit it back. The wall was terrible. I hit the ball and when it came back it was rolling not bouncing. I tried hitting it harder. I tried turning my racket. And just nothing would work! On top of all of this it was extremely hot. A shower was muchly needed afterward.

Now for the weather. It is fair And 90 degrees.

Have to go. Bye!


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