Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Blogging with Tiba

Tiba was being a pain yesterday when I was blogging. It all started out fine until she came. Oh, of course I was happy to have her on my lap for she hardly ever comes to me. But it so turned into a disaster.(And to those who are thinking about getting a cat there are too many ups about getting one to not get one.) first of all she was lying across my arm which made it harder for me to type. Second of all I am not used to cats lying on my lap up next to my tummy like that and I had the heat of the laptop so by the end of the post I was nearly panting! Lastly she was sitting on the touch pad button so when I went up it would be highlighting!

On other adventures a friend and I have a Phase 10 game going. We had to go in so tomorrow hopefully we will finish the game. We are going to do the last phase with the score 45 to 30 so it will all come down to the last phase.

Light rain with T-showers on the way. And, it is 75 degrees.


Blogger Ellen said...

Having a cat on your lap can happen at the most inconvenient times! But it certainly adds interest to whatever you are doing. Your "blogging" may seem trivial, but having to write something every day compels you to think about your situation differently than if you were just living. You learn to analyze what is going on around you and pick out those things that you wish to remember. I still have my creative writing journal from high-school, and the few times I've looked through it have brought back memories I treasure. Keep up the good work!

11:50 PM  
Blogger Princess Blogonoke said...

Nice blog, cute cat :-) I like what you write!

12:00 AM  

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