Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Need to watch the cats

I feel so horrible now. Why you ask? I was going to close my sisters door when I herd a high pitched MEEEOOOOOooo. I was so startled that I let go of the door and when I looked down I saw cat paw! I pushed the door open and Riker was standing there. She took one look at me and ran. My sister had bin in her room which I had been entering and when she heard the cat scream she got up and ran to my side! Riker look back and saw us following her and ran into the bathroom. When ever we need to use the facilities she runs in with us and begs for pettings. So I thought that she had already forgiven us. But she hid behind the toilet! I reached back there she ducked for about a second, sniffed my hand and then realized that I was trying to pet her. After that she was all over us! She never looked liked she was in pain though I remember very clearly the paw caught in the door. This happening at around ten O'clock she is now all over the place.

I haven't found out yet what is keeping the birds. Maybe it is because all the babies have flown away. But it would not make that much of a dent would it? At least there are three on the fence.

Oh no. I am typing to much. Mother and father will probably be pleased but I am supposed to do another level on a spelling game. And it is probably almost time for music class! Oh but I have so much to talk about and by tomorrow I will have forgotten. Sigh. I guess this is how life goes.

Ragweed levels are very High. The sky is hazy. The temperatures is 77 feels like 80.

Just as I expected. I have got to go.


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