Thursday, September 16, 2004

OK Here we go

Beth and I made a game called Master architect. In it you are basically building a city. The person with the most buildings at the end of the game (Which is decided at the beginning of the game such as building six buildings.) wins. So you are building buildings which go through a series of tests. Such as dropping something light on it and seeing how many pieces are left in there original position. Depending on what the results of the tests are you get cash. In the end it is a fun game which will entertain us for hours.

The cat was in the yard again. I really wish that it would not come. And there have been signs of it elsewhere. At the field beyond playground there was a clump of feathers which grossed me away.

It is not raining, maybe we will have P.E.! But I guess not, Beth is sick. So we will skip tennis today.

Hugo just swam over the ruin in our fish tank twice. It looks like he is getting used to the new ornament. But it is so big that they have no room to settle down at night. So I hope that we get a new one.

I just finished coloring my border sheet. It is of a stain glass window. In it there was a rainbow, a picture of Jesus holding his hand out to a raven, a Bible, and lots of hills.

I want some tea. Raspberry Zinger especially. It is a pity that Beth doesn't like tea. It would help her with her condition.

I can see 5 birds out the window. The mourning dove is looking very silly as it stands there on top of the bird feeder, looking down on the other birds. It looks jealous.

So my thoughts are made into a good form. Sp├Ąter!


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