Friday, October 29, 2004

Cloudy with a chance of showers. No wait. It is raining.

We have a plant in our fish tank that though it is growing bigger (it needs to be cut again) it is not touching the gravel on the bottom. The fish are finding it harder and harder to swim up. Later that might be a problem. Becase up is were the food comes from. we have two baby snails! one in the big tank and one in one of the little tanks (for the bettas).

The bearded one steped on soxes tail last night and she is all over us. In other cat news grace has been watching to much TV (as grace calls it. it is really the window. it is relley kind of a joke becase she can't open the blind to turn it on.) and she is going crazy.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Just a few more days and I will be in pathfinders. I have all ready started on my honors but the first club meeting will be on sabbath. I am keeping a blog of what I have to do, what I have done, and what I am doing.

Yesterday we had some very funny squirles. First of all we had a squirel which got in the feeder completely. He was sitting on the bottem of the feeder eating seeds out of the corners. You can see some pic's of the feeder and another story here.


Monday, October 25, 2004

Shiverland Difficulties

Under the threat of no Shiverland I am having to take desperate measures. Everyone who was outside yesterday turned down Shiverland. Even all people we could trust desided to dump it! However there is one chance that I am hoping win. Beth's best freind. The president of the place. She wasn't outside yesterday. However this is the same president that nearly dumped us last time. I may have to hold Shiverland in secret. Who knows.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A sudden turn of events.

Last night I got a big startle. The president tried to dump Shiverland! So last night we had an emergency meeting. We figured that since I am Vice president I become president. But she might have had a bad day in school so I don't know what to think. Accept or resign. Well I hope I know what to do soon.

I wonder what is going to happen to Mount St. Helens. I was looking at a site that showed pictures of the Mount.

A squirrel took of with a bell shaped nut block. The story and pictures might appear Here soon.

The cats have been funny recently. It is worth reading their blog.

Sp...!!! I can't find the character map! Well good bye!

Monday, October 18, 2004

And now for your next ten minute broadcast:

First up we found out that there is a possibility that it might snow on Sabbath. The Ashtons are looking forward to this first snow. They have High hopes for a long lasting Shiverland. William says that even with possible snow on the way, he was surprised that there was frost this morning.

And on the next subject. Yesterday There was a emergency rehearsal. How ever the president was not there to see this event. Vise president William says that even though it is still to much he believes that huge time improvements have been made.

And that is all we have time for so back to your regularly scheduled program.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Ah. We just came back from a wonderful trip to the beach. We a now at this point exhausted. In this post I will tell of the many things that we did at: Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Day One.
Ah it is morning now. Happy Sabbath by the way. On this day we played at the beach. It was to be the warmest of them all. It was the only day that the water was pleasant enough to wade in. It wasn't long until we all got hungry so we ate and took our bikes and road alone the board walk right next to the beach. By the time we did the full board walk it was dark.

Day two.
We went to the beach again but the water was to cold to wade in. So we flew kites and made sand sculptures until lunch. After that we went exploring and found this one beach that led out to the bay. In the water there were "Kite surfers". The Kite carried them across the water. After that we went to another beach where there was hardly any one. and we flew kites for the rest of the day.

Day three.
there isn't much to say about this day. We packed, flew kites and left. Well at least we made good time.

This was my trip to the beach. It was lots of fun.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Smells fishy

I don't know what to type about. So I guess I will type about the fact that I don't what to type about and hopefully when I am done I will have something else to talk about. You know my brain is really blank right now. Aha. Right now it is really dark outside. It is supposed to get chilly tonight. I think. Hmm. Well you know how it is. Blank one second and have ideas by the dozens the next. We are going to Delaware for some beach fun. I hope that we will be able to make a sand castle. I have never made one before. It should be fun.

Happy Friday and später!


THe fish are acting weird. I hope that I will be able to go outside. We are going to the beach. Alice swims fast. speaking of fast, Beth is on her fourth line! I want to play mega man. We got a new printer. We are starting on a log of how much zenny (money) and how many chips we have (in the mega man play). I like limes. I wrote my spelling words in cursive. I like griddlers. Today is riker's funny day. I can't wait untill we become able to do Shiver land. Our fish tank plant is growing well. A freind of beth's has a birthday tomarow.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Shiverland Diagrams

This is a map of shiverland. It is not yet decided whether we should use the 1.,2.,and 3. or not and if we do use them, what to use them as.

This is a picture of the main fort. This is a big area. Notes on the notes: Messed up meaning if it snows or if for some reason the snowballs stick together. Just so you know The big round thing is to sit or stand on when on guard duty.

This is a picture of the White House. Note the mini fort. We plan to put it right there because it will help keep of invaders from that direction.

News on Shiverland is coming up.

We have a big tank. We got it yesterday day because four little fish in one vase seemed to small. This has it's own filter, a light and a built in bubble system. It is neat because the bubbles appear all over the tank. We have a new beta which we haven't named yet. He is purple and a little green and a little blue. Our family has gone very fishy!

Total fish count: 7!!

Bubbles!:) Fish tank:) Real plant:)

We have a big tank. I had peanut butter on my cheeros. I want to play outside. We went on a shoping trip yesterday and saw Mrs. Muller. We missed P.E. class yesterday: (One of our fish lookes like it has its brain sticking outside its head. We got a new vacum cleaner. Beth and I made plans for Shiverland on paper. I hope to be able to scan them and show them to you. We have a new beta. 40 seconds. Mommy is going to make a seiries of Mutts griddlers.

Friday, October 01, 2004


We are already making plans for Shiverland(our pretend winter world)! Last year I was voted the president. At the end of the winter everyone was congratulating me and stuff like that. (I would like too interrupt the story and say that we are only allowed 2 years maximum as president.) Yesterday outside we held the election for who was President, Vice President and so on. There were 5 voters (or in other words five people playing the game). The vote came up and I lost the presidential election! Last year I had tried to make everyone happy and got what I wanted. I even helped the citizens build their homes. Well maybe next year. (though I am really proud of the one who won the election.) I did manage to win the Vice President vote. It was strange to receive such high praise and then be dumped. I still look forward to having fun this winter in Shiverland!

Just another day.

We have three large cantaloupes. Beth types fast. Grace is being our little guard today. The two new fish we got were put in the bowl with Alice and Hugo. I am working on the griddler "Can You Name Them All?". It has 54 parts. One of the new fish is swimming sideways! We are allready makeing plans for Shiverland (our pretend world)! Freckles has adopted mommy's bass stand as a sleeping place. The four fish in our vase are running into each other. I think they are still geting used to the size. Spelling class is being a pain today.