Friday, October 01, 2004


We are already making plans for Shiverland(our pretend winter world)! Last year I was voted the president. At the end of the winter everyone was congratulating me and stuff like that. (I would like too interrupt the story and say that we are only allowed 2 years maximum as president.) Yesterday outside we held the election for who was President, Vice President and so on. There were 5 voters (or in other words five people playing the game). The vote came up and I lost the presidential election! Last year I had tried to make everyone happy and got what I wanted. I even helped the citizens build their homes. Well maybe next year. (though I am really proud of the one who won the election.) I did manage to win the Vice President vote. It was strange to receive such high praise and then be dumped. I still look forward to having fun this winter in Shiverland!


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