Monday, April 11, 2005

Chapter 2 Day 2

Sammy woke up and looked at his clock. It was 3:00 in the morning and he heard voices. He crept down the hall to listen. "How am I going to face my boss?" mumbled a voice he recognized as father's.
"Tell me again what happened," said another voice he pasted to mother.
"It isn't pretty. While I was working my boss came over to me and said If I find you here again tomorrow you will be fired! He then went on to another worker that worked for him and said the same things to them. I heard that in the end he got 1/6 of the workers into this position. Mary, if I lose my job then we won't be able to by groceries," replied father.
"You are always thinking about food, but that is a danger," mother thought out loud
Sammy crept back to bed.
The next morning after breakfast he consulted his father. "I heard what you said last night to mother. I am asking you if I could leave so that the others can have food."
"But why?"
"I said no," father's face turned stern, "Just pray. God will help us in some way."
The rest of the day went the same as yesterday.


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