Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Chapter 3 Day 3

Sammy was packing in his room late at night. He crept down the stairs and heard some strange noises and went to the window. There he saw a burglar coming up the driveway. He alerted his parents and then called the police. They came and before you knew it, it was over. So Sammy decided to stay. They all went back to sleep and when the sun arose they all got up and listened to the radio.
"And now for our morning news." it said "A little boy named Sammy Anter stopped a buglery. He had crept downstairs and saw a strange man out the window. Sure enough in a few minutes the guy came in through a window. But Sammy kept a clear head. He woke up his parents and called the police." The reporter claimed. "It is surprising how many bad things have happed in this town. With the school being burned down and all. That reminds me. Two interesting things have happened concerning the school. First of all 1/6 of the workers seem to have disappeared. They suddenly have stopped coming to work. Officials are investigating. The other is that a suprising number of kids in the city are greatly disapointed that the school burned down. Maybe fewer kids hate school than we thought."
Father reached over and clicked the radio off. When the sun had set Sammy's parents talked to him. Their last words were "See God does answer prayers. Even bad things can be good."


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