Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Reading The Mysterious Island, Day 38

Man I really haven't posted much have I? I haven't been reading much either. I do think how ever that I will have more to tell you than last time. (see last post)

Cyrus Harding and his crew have become Brick makers, potters, smiths and they are now chemists. They have found that they are to far from any land to risk sailing away. They made an oven (and a few pots) and with that oven made tools and with those tools they made a ditch. Then they became chemists and they filled that hole with explosive acid and blew up part of the cliff. Now that meant that a lake is pouring out in to the sea the only outlet before this was a hole below ground so hopefully it will make a nice home if it is that kind of hole. They just blew the cave up so probably they will explore the area.


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